Violet Flame Chakra Initiation

Saint Germain through Edwin Courtenay

The Violet Flame has long been used by many to transmute and cleanse negative energy. Saint Germain has come forward to explain that the Violet Flame is multi-dimensional and that activating the Violet Flame Chakra will allow access to all aspects of the flame effortlessly. This chakra, which is the second of the New Galactic Cycle, is a doorway or portal through which the full power of the flame, its wisdom and the presences connected to it might be accessed and drawn upon. As we move forward these energies are going to be needed more and more.

Activating the Violet Flame Chakra allows access to the individual Rescue Flames

  • Physical Rescue Flame
  • Mental/Wisdom Rescue Flame
  • Emotional Rescue Flame
  • Spiritual Rescue Flame

Each Rescue Flame is represented by a colour combination, referencing the Aura Soma system. In addition, we awaken Higher Clairvoyance with the aid of Lady Portia, the Feminine Divine counterpart of Saint Germain, allowing us to see with the eyes of the Soul.

This is a powerful and fun one day workshop. You will receive workshop notes and the original recordings from the training workshop held & channelled by Edwin. Training is given on how to pass this initiation to others.

Please email for details of upcoming workshop dates.

The energy exchange for this one day workshop is £54.
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