Are you ready to take a profound sacred journey?

During the weekend we will be placed in a sacred cocoon guided and supported by the Elohim, Archangels and Ascended Masters.

We will

  • clear limited beliefs & programs that no longer serve us
  • balance our energy systems & raise them to higher vibrational levels
  • learn how to view life’s journey from an ascended perspective
  • and so much more

As the journey unfolds we will walk into and claim Crystalline Light in a sacred space surrounded by beautiful music. We will travel along familiar and soon to be familiar paths. Each journey will be personal and perfect in all ways as we are held in the arms of the Divine.

Our journey together will commence at 6pm on a Friday evening and we will reach a resting place at 5pm on the Sunday evening. The journey is so much more important than a destination and we will each continue on the journey in our day to day lives. We will meet again in a future now moment to journey further into Crystalline Light together.

The weekend, based in Nottingham, will include 2 nights accommodation, 2 breakfasts, 2 vegetarian lunches, 1 vegetarian evening meal, along with drinks and snacks throughout the weekend.

To register your interest please email Maiya, and further details will be forwarded to you.

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