Avesa Quantum HealingTM Sessions

Avesa Quantum Healing™ is a gift from the Crystalline Dimensions offering alignment with one’s authentic soul energy, enhancing harmony and balance in all aspects of life.

During the magic of an Avesa session the energy of the chakras is raised to the ascended state, with the assistance of Egyptian Healing Rods and charged pyramids, allowing the recipient to experience true peace and bliss. Limited thought patterns, conditionings, “unconscious choices”, and habitual behaviours are brought into light so they can be examined and released, creating space for consciously created, life-enhancing choices.

Avesa Quantum Healing™ is received lying down, whether in person or remotely.

Please email to schedule an in person or remote session. Evenings (after 6pm) and weekends, UK time. In person sessions will take place in Nottingham, or by arrangement elsewhere.

Energy exchange is £36 per session, please allow 1 hour per session (remote sessions may run longer)

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