Gaiadon Heart – Module III

Incorporating the Qetheric Deltagram Of Love

Activating our new Gaiadon Ascension Aumkabah of Love, with the superior encodements and new frequencies, we prepare ourselves to embark on the tasks beyond ascension.

Our Ascension involves 3 phases:

  • Completion of Earth Her-Story; the Delta-Light Ascension Frequency
  • Moving through the Dimensional Ascension Continuum; the Pulsar Heart Frequency
  • Beyond Ascension; the Eternal Core Heart of Gaia-Light Frequency

Phase I: Completion of Earth Her-Story: Integrating the Aumkabah Ascension Frequencies:

  • The Qetheric Delta-Light Ascension Aumkabah of Love: The Qetheric Delta-Light Ascension Frequency
  • Encodements of Preparation: The Final Ascension Initiations: Codes of Ascension
  • Blazing New Trails: Walking the Sacred Labyrinth
  • Into the Void (with Gaia)
  • The Aumkabah Keys of Ascension: Rites of Passage
  • The Final Dimensional Doo

And More….

Phase II: Moving through the Dimensional Ascension Continuum

  • The Gaiadon Heart Continuum Continues
  • Manifesting the Multi-Vibrational Physical / Soular Light Body
  • The Pulstar of Love
  • The Dawn of New Intelligence through the Heart
  • Flame of Truth Heart Consciousness
  • Liquid Light Resonance of the New Crystal Body
  • Star-volution
  • The 9th Vibration – 9-9-9 – The Completion – The New Beginning

And More….

Phase III: Beyond Ascension: Eternal Core Gaia-Light

  • The Dawn of New Gaia
  • Birth of the Gaiadon Crystal Consciousness – The Conscious Divine One
  • Manifesting the new Temples of Science
  • New Cultivation
  • Seeding New Star Races
  • The Land of Truth and Freedom
  • Re-turning to Gaia-Light
  • Heaven on Earth

And More….

Being the Gaiadon Love Divine is our birthright, our heritage and our responsibility…

Level III is a 3 day workshop.

The energy exchange is £395, with a £175 deposit (for purchase of the DVD, manual & certificate from Gaiadon Heart). The non-refundable deposit should be paid at least 1 month prior to the start of the course with the balance payable on the first day of the course.
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